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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Octubre de 2016.

SET LIST 08.10.16

por estacion890 el 30/10/2016 19:20, en sin tema


1.  Calvin harris feat. Lana del Rey - I feel U

2.  Zedd - Ignite

3.  Yurena - Fine Fine

4.  Axwell & Shapov - Belong

5.  David Guetta feat. Chris Willis - Would I like to you

6.  Bob Sinclar & Daddy´s Groove - Burning

7.  Consoul Trainin - Take me to infinity

8.  Capital Cities - Vowels

9.  Born Stranger - Be someone

10.Stoto - my love

11.DNCE - Body moves

12.Bruno Mars - 24k Magic

13.Dragonette - Sweet Poison

14.Tigertown - Papernote

15.Years & Years - Meteorite

16.Kimbra - Sweet relief

17.Robbie Williams - Party like a russian

18.Justice - Safe and sound

19.DJ Valdi - Don´t work, it´s party weekend

20.Sean Norvis & Geo Da Silva - Secret love affair

21.Savy Fontana feat. Cat Da Silva - Follow you

22.Inna - Say it with your body

23.Pet Shop Boys - Say it to me

24.Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing (George Airbullet Radio Edit 2016)

25.New Order - Tutti Frutti (Tom Rowlands Remix)

26.Boston Bun feat. Loreen - get into it

27.DJ Kone & Marc palacios feat. Lola Ortiz Luque - How do you feel

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SET LIST 15.10.16

por estacion890 el 30/10/2016 19:21, en sin tema



1.  Fangoria - Desfachatez

2.  Kylie Minogue - Night fever

3.  Kylie Minogue - More More More

4.  Bananarama - The Trick of the night (The Number One Mix)

5.  Rick Astely - Never gonna give you up

6.  Wham! - Young guns (Go for it)

7.  Culture Club - It´s a miracle

8.  Fancy - Bolero

9.  Max Him - Japanese Girl

10.Den Harrow - A taste of love

11.Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady

12.Fun Fun - Happy Station

13.Evelyn Thomas - High Energy

14.Bobby Orlando - She has a way

15.Pet Shop Boys - One more chance

16.Cicero - That Loving feeling

17.Dusty Springfield - Nothing has been proved

18.Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Welcome to the pleasuredome

19.Living in a Box - Room in your heart

20.Wax - Right between the eyes

21.A-Ha - Shadow Endeavors

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