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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Abril de 2016.

SET LIST 05.03.16

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1.  Electric Lady Lab - Love is war

2.  Florrie - Real Love (Cahill Remix)

3.  The Knocks feat. Carly Rae Jepsen - Love me like that

4.  The Swiss - In the city

5.  Sigma - Stay

6.  Coldplay - Adventure of a lifetime

7.  M83 - Do it, Try it

8.  Icona Pop - Someone who can dance

9.  The Hunjgry hearts - Laika

10.Kero Kero Bonito - Lipslak

11.Jonas Blue feat. Dakota - Fast car

12.Fangoria - Manual de decoración para personas abandonadas

13.Fleur East - Sax

14.Kylie Minogue - Light years (Steve Anderson Mix)

15.Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids

16.Barei - Say yay

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SET LIST 12.03.16

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1.  Rykka - The last of our kind

2.  Donkeyboy - Dollar

3.  The Knocks - Classic

4.  Santigold - Rendezvous girl

5.  Ladyhawke - Paris is burning

6.  Minus One - Alter ego

7.  Ivan - Help you fly

8.  WRLD - Awake

9.  Breakbot - My toy

10.Jordan F - Mesmerised

11.Boris René - Put your love on me

12.Laura Tesoro - What´s the pressure

13.Sergey Lazarev - You are the only one

14.Barei - Say yay (Eurovision Version)

15.Electric Lady Lab - Love is a war

16.Alex Newell - This ain´t over

17.Ru Paul feat. Margo Thunder - Sister Brother

18.Florrie - Real love (Cahill Radio Edit)

19.Adore Delano - I really like it

20.Kero Kero Bonito - Lipstik

21.Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids (Offer Nissim Drama Mix)

22.Liza Minelli - If love there was love

23.M83 - Do it, Try it

24.Jean Michael Jarre & M83 - Glory

25.Zoë - Loin Díci

26.Agnete - Icebreaker

27.Michal Szpak - Color of your life

28.Greta Salóme - Hear them calling

29.Barei - Say yay (Original Version)

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SET LIST 19.03.16 (Especial Pet Shop Boys 1986-2016)

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1.  West end girls (Remix 86' single version)

2.  One more chance (Tess Single Version)

3.  Opportunities (Full length original 7" version)

4.  A man could get arrested (Original 7" version)

5.  Why don´t we live together

6.  Domino Dancing (Disco Mix)

7.  It´s alright (10" version)

8.  How can you expecto to be taken seriously

9.  Was it worth it

10.Go West (Mings gone west first and second movement)

11.Sea vida é

12.Saturday night forever (Love to infinity mix)


14.New York City Boy (David Morales Single Mix #3)

15.Closer to heaven

16.Break 4 Love (UK Single Mix)

17.Somebody else´s business

18.Try it (Almighty Radio Mix)



21.I´m with stupid


23.Did you see me coming

24.Leaving (Believe in PSB remix)

25.Love is a bourgeois construct (Night mix)

26.One hit wonder

27.The Pop Kids (The full story)

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SET LIST 26.03.16 (Especial Shakatak)

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Haz el favor de no perderte este maravilloso especial de una fomración única, Shakatak. La idea era sencilla, hace tiempo queríamos realizar este especial y no encontrábamos excusa. Para empezar a disfrutarlo has de saltar hasta el minuto 18 del podcast.

1. Invitations
2. Livin in the UK
3. Nightbirds
4. Dark is the night
5. Down on the Street
6. City rhythm
7. This boy is mine
8. Golden wings
9. Something special
10.Mr Manic and sister cool
11.Racing with the wind
12.Turn the music up
13.One day one night
15.Don´t start giving up
16.Heart to heart
17.Open your eyes
18.The night ain´t over yet
19.Shine your light
20.Brazilian love affair
21.Chase the sun
22.Paradise island
23.Get up
25.Turn on the stars
26.Across the world
27.On the corner

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SET LIST 02.04.16

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1.  Pet Shop Boys - Twenty something

2.  Carle Rae Jepsen - First time

3.  Laser - Do we all feel

4.  Hooverphonic - I like the way I dance

5.  Primal Scream feat. Sky Ferreira - Where the light gets in

6.  M83 - Do it, Try it

7.  Sigala feat. Imani & DJ Fresh - Say you do

8.  Donkeyboy - Dollar

9.  Icona Pop - Someone who can dance

10.Petra Marklund feat. Linnea Henriksson - Kidz

11.Pet Shop Boys - Groovy

12.Poli Genova - If love was a crime

13.Agnete - Icebreaker

14.Sandhja - Sing it away

15.Barei - Say yay

16.Kraak & Smaak feat. Berenice - My mind´s made up

17.Lady Gaga - I want your love

18.Major Lazer feat. Nyla - Light it up

19.AlunaGeorge feat. Popcaan - I´m in control

20.Fangoria - Iluminados

21.Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids (The Scene Kings Radio Mix)

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SET LIST 09.04.16

por estacion890 el 15/04/2016 19:54, en sin tema



1. Invader Girl - Friends

2. Maria Mena - Leaving you

3. Shit Robot - End of the trail

4. Pet Shop Boys - Into thin air

5. Pet Shop Boys - In bits

6. Amanda Alexander - Anytime

7. Matilda Thompson - Run back to the fire

8. Noonie Bao - Reminds me

9. Timoteij - Firelight

10.Wiktoria - Save me

11.Ira Losco - Chamaleon

12.Ira Losco - Walk on water

13.M83 - Road blaster

14.Avec Sans - heartbreak Hi

15.Bad W0lfy - Used 2 this

16.Tegan & Sara - Boyfriend

17.Carly Rae Jepsen - Boy problems

18.Kylie Minogue - get outta my way

19.Kylie Minogue - Locomotion

20.Madonna - Wash all over me

21.Ladyhawke - A love song

22.Ladyhawke - Sweet fascination

23.New Order - Restless (Extended Mix)

24.Robert Parker - Crystal city

25.Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids (RNG Radio Mix)

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SET LIST 16.04.16

por estacion890 el 28/04/2016 14:30, en sin tema


En portada uno de los singles que sonaron en el programa de Stonebridge. Descargate el podcast .


1.  Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids

2.  Cassius - Action (feat. Cat Power & Mike D.)

3.  M83 - Bibi The Dog

4.  Gordon City feat. Vaults - All Four Walls

5.  Terri B - I’m Coming Back (Glastrophobie Remix)

6.  Rebeka - Today

7.  Josefine Myrberg - Not Giving Up

8.  Tegan & Sara - Boyfriend

9.  Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up

10.Rick Astley - Keep Singing

11.Vanessa Falk - Running

12.Venior - Robber

13.Hilda - Smashing Hearts

14.Niki & The Dove - You Stole My Heart Away

15.Eric Saade - Colors

16.Da Buzz - Something About You (MARC Radio Mix)

17.Alcazar - Burning

18.Pet Shop Boys - Burn

19.Vinny Vero & Mykal Kilgore - Wait

20.StoneBridge Feat. Elsa Li Jones - If You Like It (StoneBridge Radio)

21.WTS feat. Gia - One Night (StoneBridge Club Mix)

22.Barei - Say Yay

23.Barei - Who plays the drums

24.Sophie Ellis Bextor - Only child

25.Robert Parker - Sweet nothings

26.Fakuta - Luces De Verano

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