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SET LIST 19.03.16 (Especial Pet Shop Boys 1986-2016)

por estacion890 el 08/04/2016 10:35, en sin tema



1.  West end girls (Remix 86' single version)

2.  One more chance (Tess Single Version)

3.  Opportunities (Full length original 7" version)

4.  A man could get arrested (Original 7" version)

5.  Why don´t we live together

6.  Domino Dancing (Disco Mix)

7.  It´s alright (10" version)

8.  How can you expecto to be taken seriously

9.  Was it worth it

10.Go West (Mings gone west first and second movement)

11.Sea vida é

12.Saturday night forever (Love to infinity mix)


14.New York City Boy (David Morales Single Mix #3)

15.Closer to heaven

16.Break 4 Love (UK Single Mix)

17.Somebody else´s business

18.Try it (Almighty Radio Mix)



21.I´m with stupid


23.Did you see me coming

24.Leaving (Believe in PSB remix)

25.Love is a bourgeois construct (Night mix)

26.One hit wonder

27.The Pop Kids (The full story)

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